In the oil business, the setting up of projects, services, joint ventures, the choice of the right partners, the establishment of clear objectives, leading the market with top quality products & services and the creation of the right management structure are of crucial importance. The follow-through of thought processes at each stage is the key to success and each part of the guide aims to demonstrate this progression. In a way, this may sound obvious, but it should be stressed that the complexities of the oil business activities are indeed daunting and require the correct handling of huge and diverse operations which are subject to ever-changing technical and technological factors, and are influenced by important economic, administrative and personnel aspects.

Timing is of critical importance as correct co-ordination of all the relevant elements is required to ensure satisfactory progress. The levels of partnerships are the fruit of experience which has been costly to acquire. The partnership depends upon the advice of a range of experts in all the relevant disciplines and spheres, but difficult decisions have to be taken where the element of doubt has not been eliminated but reduced to the absolute minimum.

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