EMDAD has consolidated its presence as one of the leading service providers to the energy sector in the UAE and is fast expanding operations across the GCC and North African countries. Always keeping pace with the changing times and ready with world leading products and services to meet the needs of every growing sector. Our focus is on acquiring the power to lead in the services we provide through consolidation of our successes and continuous improvements in our offerings. For 3 decades of extensive experience in the region and strategic alliances with leading organizations mark us out as the perfect partner to provide reliable support for our customers and being rewarding growth opportunities for investors.

EMDAD has established an office in Qatar to meet the needs of the Oil & Gas industry in Qatar and has plans in the near future to establish offices in various countries across the GCC.

EMDAD's growth strategy is to satisfy client needs in the best way possible and to commit to the expansion of engineering services as well as pioneering innovative of engineering service solutions in the maintenance and asset integrity filed.