Oil Based Mud


Emdad is proud to operate the only plant in the GCC that processes the waste mud produced from oil and gas well drilling operations and treats the cutting to recover the oil and water using a heat-and centrifuge process. EMDAD is using a Thermal Oil Recovery (THOR) system supplied from Nov Brandt, that applies indirect heat to remove all the hydrocarbon contaminants from the cuttings.

The amount generated yearly is estimated to be about 25,000 metric tons. The treatment objective is to reduce the Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon concentration in the treated cuttings to below the environmentally acceptable criteria of 0.1% w/w.

EMDAD Successfully has achieved the following:


Liquid Mud Plant


EMDAD successful entry to the Mud Services sector through its continuous provision of Oil Based Mud Waste Treatment solutions, Solids Control Rental and Operation solutions is further enhanced by the recent acquisition of a state of the art Liquid Mud Plant and Brine Plant proven designs which are on offer for various UAE based customers. The designed plant capacity is 15000 Bbl capacity for OBM Reconditioning and Recycling as well as Brine Mixing. This strategic back integration of EMDAD OBM Waste Treatment Services to include Recycling and Reconditioning will provide our clients a One Stop Solution at EMDAD's fully integrated ECO-BASE for Mud Services.