Fishing and Whipstock Services


EMDAD expanded to Whipstock services in 2008 with technical alliance with our Russian partner Sib Trade Services “STS” Russia. EMDAD/STS joined forces to develop a new whipstock system with hydraulic packer (permanent/ retrievable) for one trip window exit operation, to meet the recent requirements of major clients around the globe. This system was presented to Abu Dhabi Oil Companies and proved its capabilities and reliance securing their operations in Abu Dhabi region. Therefore, EMDAD won a three year contract with ADCO on the provision of Whipstock services. Single Trip Whipstocks require only one trip in the well to RIH, Orient, Set and mill the window. Our unique Whipstock system with Hydraulic packer can be utilized in vertical or horizontal holes for casing exit solutions; this  system is equipped with mechanical anchor to support the whipstock concave in highly deviated holes and securing the concave vertical on the casing wall. This system is capable of cutting casing with a wide range of casing sizes and grades.

EMDAD/STS offers wide range of Whipstock systems and sizes as follows:

1.    One Trip Retrievable/Permanent Hydraulic Whipstock
2.    One Trip Retrievable/Permanent Mechanical Whipstock
3.    Open Hole Whipstock (Cement type or with
4.    Inflatable Packer)
5.    Milling BHA with 2 mills or three mills depending on the client needs and requirements
6.    Size available are 4-1/2”, 5-1/2”, 6”, 6-5/8”, 7” 9-5/8” 10-3/4”, 13-3/8”


Fishing and Downhole Tools Rental and Services


Further to EMDAD’s expansion in services, another milestone was achieved by entering the fishing services area, relying on the continuous collaboration and technical alliance with our Russian Partner Sib Trade Services the well known manufacturer of full range fishing and down hole tools. STS is also well known in designing new fishing tools for new applications. This tie up enabled EMDAD to enter the market with field-proven tools and extensive technical experience for optimum service results exceeding client’s expectations. Our product range for fishing tools covers the whole fishing, milling or pipe cutting requirements with different sizes to comply with operational needs. Offering a wide range of hydraulic/mechanical scrappers, hydraulic/ mechanical jars, dies collars, over shots, junk baskets, mills and internal/external pipe cutters. Our engineers are very professional with precise knowledge of each tool and having extensive experience in fishing operations.