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A closer look at EMDAD facility and OBM plant in Habshan

EMDAD's Management and Team Members went for a visit to EMDAD's Habshan facility and camp. It was an opportunity for the Team Members to see one of EMDAD's milestones; a plant designed to treat Oil-Based Mud cuttings.

The plant uses Thermal Oil Recovery System that applies indirect heat to remove all the Hydrocarbon contaminates from the cuttings. The plant is treating yearly around 25,000 metric tons of cuttings and is achieving the criteria of reducing the Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon concentration in the treated cuttings to below the environmentally acceptable criteria of 0.1% w/w.

Continuous efforts in running the OBM operations smoothly and maintaining high safety standards were noticed. This comes after EMDAD's commitment to protect and promote the Health and Safety of its employees and to protect the environment and its assets.