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Emdad Services has achieved a remarkable milestone to complete the prestigious Project ADNOC GP ASAB 2018 achieving 117, 060 Man hours without any incidents or leaks. ADNOC GP ASAB awarded to EMDAD for maintenance service contract (3 + 2 Years) earlier February 2016. The third segment mechanical activity mainly comprised of complete unit, partial, LP unit shutdowns respectively to carry out internal inspection and cleaning on static equipment, internal inspection & cleaning of vessels, Fin Fan Coolers, removal and reinstallation of valves, catalyst replacement, hot works etc. and miscellaneous associated mechanical jobs.

The project is manned by 130 employees including sub contractors. Emdad Services is being deeply supported by ADNOC GP ASAB throughout the project and all sub contractors joined hand with Emdad Services and worked in union to achieve this target and milestone.

The project (Third Segment) had a span of 43 days (Started from 06th March till 17th April 2018). ADNOC GP Turnaround Manager appreciated ES HSE team for their outstanding performance and efforts to accomplish the shutdown without any incidents and awarded with appreciation certificates to all ES HSE team members. ADNOC GP Turnaround Manager also appreciated the efforts made by the ES HSE team for the implementation of ADNOC GP and ES HSE procedures and standards on site.

We appreciate all the hard works, commitments and efforts shown on the field by the Emdad Service key focal points in all disciplines and this commitment helps us to achieve this milestone successfully.