Subsidiaries and Joint Ventures


Emdad Services

Industrial & Oil and Gas services

Emdad Services delivers a range of services to the oil & gas industry in UAE.

Shutdowns / Turnarounds

Plant turnarounds, also known as shutdowns, are one of the most crucial events in the routine operation of a plant especially in the oil and gas field. They also have the power to strongly affect a company’s bottom line. A turnaround is a scheduled period of non-production within the plant, that means that day-to-day operations cease completely during the duration of a turnaround and instead the focus shifts to maintenance related activities, cleaning, inspection, and repair where speed/quality/safety are of the essence when it comes to shutdowns because they are extremely expensive in terms of production lost. Here resides the role of EMDAD SERVICES who through its extensively experienced team, succeeded to plan, manage, execute, and complete all the shutdowns maintaining the safety/Quality/Performance and meeting the deadlines.

Catalyst Handling & Replacement

Add to the well experienced team, Emdad Services owns the right equipment and tools required for catalyst replacement and handling which are able to deliver Catalyst Change Outs for three (3) different locations at one occurrence.

Catalyst Handling Equipment Asset: Fitted Out Containers, Diesel Driven Vacuum Units, Filtration Units, Nitrogen Coolers, Silencers, Continuous Discharge Cyclones, Nitrogen Recycling Systems, Electric Dust Collectors, Constant Discharge Valves And Control Units, Life Support Panels, H/P Lines with Manifolds, Electric Soda Ash Pump, Air Movers, Deck Screening Machines, Other Hardwares.

Maintenance Services:

  • Mechanical, Structural, Piping, Fire and Gas, Electrical and Instrumentation, etc.
  • Project and Subcontractor Management
  • Instrument Calibration
  • Functional loop checking
  • Hydrojetting
  • Bolt Torquing / Tensioning
  • On Site Integrated Service Management
  • Hot Tapping

Electromechanical contracting and fabrication:

Emdad Services delivers electromechanical works services to the Oil and Gas industry in UAE, our services include:

  • Structure erection
  • Piping procurement, fabrication, erection and commissioning
  • Piping / equipment plant, decommissioning and demolition
  • Skid fabrication and installation (design and supply provided by subcontractor/vendor)
  • E&I procurement, installation and commissioning
  • Plant MEI installation (including: boilers, Fin/Fan coolers, Piperacks, Furnaces, etc.)

Intergulf General Contracting LLC

Intergulf General Contracting, established since 1976 became a wholly owned subsidiary of Emdad Services on year 2006; Intergulf’s competency lies in general construction, execution of concrete rehabilitation and repairs, and providing maintenance services for Civil, Electrical, HVAC, Instrumentation, Fire & Gas, to Abu Dhabi National Oil Co. (ADNOC) group of companies. Intergulf General Contracting L.L.C offer a complete Integrated Facility Management solution to clients throughout the UAE.

Our Integrated Services Include:

  • Facility Management
  • Hard FM
  • Asset Management
  • HVAC Maintenance
  • Civil Maintenance
  • Elevator/ Lift Maintenance
  • Electrical & Instrumentation
  • Plumbing
  • Fire and Gas Systems
  • Carpentry
  • Plastering/ Masonry Soft FM
  • Villas & Labor Camp Maintenance
  • Accommodation Management
  • Hospitality & Catering
  • Transport / Courier Service
  • Waste Management
  • Pest and Vermin Control
  • Horticulture Service
  • Security
  • Industrial Domestic Cleaning

Joint Ventures

For 3 decades of extensive experience and under its deep commitment to meet the challenging needs of the industry, EMDAD has gone through strategic alliances with leading organizations in the market to provide top quality products and services to its customers. EMDAD proved to be the Perfect Partner of choice where it formed the following Join Ventures:


MarCap (Marine Capabilities) a subsidiary of EMDAD LLC, specializes in the provision of marine vessels and offshore services for the oil & gas industry, port authorities, marine civil contractors, dredging companies and related industries in the gulf, the Arabian Sea and Red Sea. The company offers a variety of marine vessels for hire, on long-term basis or on a project-to-project basis. It also offers new construction vessels in association with ship building yards in the UAE and abroad. In keeping with the rapidly expanding customer needs, MarCap continuously upgrades its fleet, adding state-of-the-art vessels and equipment to ensure efficiency and customer satisfaction.

For more information visit:


Emjel is a joint venture  between EMDAD & Emjel International Technical Services. Emjel provides five specialized service lines including Acidizing, Cementing, Coiled Tubing, Fracturing and Nitrogen. Emjel was awarded a three year contract from a main oil and gas company in Abu Dhabi for the provision of cementing and stimulation services for its Rigs.


Prezioso EMDAD

Prezioso EMDAD Enabling the energy and infrastructure industries in the region to access world class technology in protective and insulating coatings, PREZIOSO EMDAD marks yet another major stride in the country’s progress towards industrial growth and development. Partnering with the international major PREZIOSO TECHNILOR SAS, who boasts over half century of eminence and expertise in this field, PREZIOSO EMDAD aims to create value for customers by extending the lifespan of industrial investments, offering comprehensive service with products of superior quality to serve the precise needs of the region. Prezioso EMDAD has launched the construction of its state-of art Paint shop at Musaffah. Located in zone M45, it is an environmentally friendly painting and coating facility intended to serve the needs of the oil & gas industry of the region.


For more information visit: Prezioso France