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Certificate of Qualification

EMDAD LLC proudly announces it's prequalification in Achilles Joint Qualification System for suppliers of the Oil Industry in Norway and Denmark. Oil companies and Main Contractors use Achilles JQS as the basis for preparation of bidders list. The Qualification achieved to EMDAD products and services is based on EMDAD's Certified Quality System. Below are EMDAD's qualified products and Services:

  • Drilling Tools and retrievable Production Tools
  • Casing, Tubing, Liner, Connectors and Accessories (OCTG)
  • OCTG Services ( Cleaning, hardbanding, re-cutting, rethreading)
  • Fishing and repair Tools
  • Wellhead Equipment, Xmas Trees and Accessories
  • Drill Bits Drilling/Completion Engineering Services
  • Casing/Tubing Running Services
  • Mud Logging Services
  • Cementing Services
  • Fishing Services Fishing Services
  • Well Completion Services
  • Drilling Fluids/Mud Services
  • Tank Bottom Sludge Treatment Services
  • Valve Management Services including testing and repair
  • Waste Management Services
  • Electric Motors
  • Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
  • Storage Tanks
  • PrEssure Vessels, Drums
  • Cables, Cords, Wires and Accessories
  • Instrument and Communication cables
  • Mechanical Separators, Tumblers, Chlorinators, Hydrosyclones
  • Pipeline Equipment Connectors and Accessories
  • Seamless Pipes and Tubes
  • Welded Pipes and Tubes
  • Kiner Float, Hangers and Running Equipment
  • Subsea Equipment
  • Scaffolding
  • Insulation Services
  • Catalyst Handling/Regeneration Services
  • Rope Access Services
  • Management and Provision of all catering, Cleaning, Office and Security Service at Location/Platform