A long established corporate entity based in Abu Dhabi with diverse divisions and interests, stands EMDAD, formerly Al Bawardi, which since its inception in 1979 has kept pace with steady development that defined the industrial landscape of the region. By utilizing own resources as well as integrating partner capabilities, EMDAD has enabled Abu Dhabi's key energy players to achieve higher level of reliability, and performance.

EMDAD in its core business as both an upstream and downstream integrated solution provider believes in bringing a human touch to the DNA of its corporate philosophy. This is manifest in the company's approach to its clients, partners and most importantly, employees. EMDAD enjoys a role model status that has helped the company strengthen its leadership position through strategic business models, which features joint ventures, sponsored companies and subsidiaries.

Corporate Brochure


  • Expanded Emjel business to Offshore Cementing Services
  • Completed first full Refinery Turnaround utilizing 1.2 million hours of EMDAD Services resources


Expanded into Intrusive Corrosion Monitoring Services and secured the 1st contract with ZADCO.


Emdad asset integrity division expanded into Intrusive Corrosion Monitoring Services. Emdad asset integrity division successfully completed replacing of the existing solar power system. Secured a 3 years contract for valves refurbishment on all Gasco Sites. Successful Retention of ADCO Casing Exit Systems (Whipstock) contract for another 3 years. Won ADIPEC Best Oilfield Services Company Award.


Successful retention of ADCO Oil Base Mud Treatment Contract for another 5 years. Additional 65,000 mt of drill cuttings were awarded to Emdad in which Emdad deployed a second unit and additional storage pit. Emdad expanded its drilling services into Fishing/Milling services:

  • Conventional Fishing and Tubing Fishing.
  • Securing 100% of ZADCO’s requirements by winning of the Cuttings Reinjection Scope of ZADCO Central and West Islands.
  • Secured a 3-year contract for valves refurbishment with ADCO.
  • Expanded into Fishing Services and Secured 3 years Contract with ADCO.


Started disposing cuttings into disposal wells at the North and South of ZADCO artificial islands.


Rebranded with a new logo. Awarded 5-year project for Cutting Re-injection services at ZADCO artificial islands. Launched a new service for Valve and Wellhead Testing, Refurbishment and Maintenance and was awarded a 10- month Job at Ruwais for testing and overhauling Safety Valves. Secured extension to the current contracts with ADCO for the Treatment of Oil Based Mud Cutting Services and Whipstock Services. Successfully completed first shutdown phase in NEB, ADCO field utilizing 133,620 man hours. API QI Certification.


Good standard member at TRACE. Awarded first Emdad Cathodic Protection Services in Zirku Island. Completion of 2-year project with TAKREER for upgrading Protection Relays.


New vision for Litwin PEL. Best Stand runner up at ADIPEC. Launching Emdad Gulf Catering, a JV between Emdad and Gulf Catering of Agility.


Acquiring Litwin PEL.


Opening of M-45 Industrial Complex in Mussafah. Launching Emdad Industrial Engineering Services, JV with Industrial Engineering Services of India. Launching PREZIOSO Emdad Services, a JV between Emdad and PREZIOSO Technilor of France. Receives the ISO 14001 award.


Opening of Habshan Camp and Facility to accommodate the expansion that took place through both the CP and OBM contracts. Launching Emdad Steel, JV with William Hare of the UK.


  • Launching EMJEL Oil Field Services, JV with Sanjel Corporation of Canada.
  • Securing alliance with Litwin of France. Delivery of Al Hail Offshore Rig to NDC.


Opening of M-38 facility in Mussafah. Launching Transfield Emdad services, JV with Transfield Services Australia.


Best Group participant award at ADIPEC.


Launching of Marine Capabilities (MarCap) LLC.


Best Group participant award at ADIPEC.


Re-branded as Emdad LLC; formally Al Bawardi after introducing 10 new shareholders. Recieves ISO 9001 award. Expanding in the region, Opening Emdad offices in Qatar.


Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award.


Founding of Al Bawardi Oil & Gas.