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EMDAD has been appointed by HAVERKAMP, a leading German security technology company based in Munster/Westphalia, as their sole agent in the Oil & Gas sector in the UAE for a range of products and services:

  • Levering blocks
  • FenceGARD® wire mesh fence monitored by closed-circuit current
  • HAKAGARD® sliding windows with penetration-shot hampering
  • HAKAGARD® mobile penetration-shot hampering mobile elements
  • GimaGARD® electrical monitored steel lattice fence
  • GlasGARD® Alarm fence penetration-shot with climb-over detection
  • PROFILON® ALARM A1: security film with alarm function
  • GroundGARD® - invisible perimeter security
  • PROFILON® AX A1: Security film with throw-through hampering properties
  • MicroGARD® Microphone monitored alarm fence
  • PROFILON® ER 1: security film with bomb blast resistant properties
  • ProtectGARD® High performance climb-over detection
  • PROFILON® SD: security film providing “Full Spectrum Protection”
  • RadarGARD® Digital Sensor System
  • STABAGARD® Safety curtain explosive-bursting-effect prevention
  • StepGARD® Area detection system supervised by closed-circuit current
  • OPALFILM® Anti-Shatter Films
  • WallGARD® Climb-over detection for walls of stone and concrete
  • WoodGARD® High-quality wooden fence with break-through and climb-over detection
  • PROFILON FF® security film for glass facades
  • Prosecural® Front-attachment frame
  • Alarm Management Software - Central processing unit for the optimal control of the HAVERKAMP security systems
  • WaveGARD®

With EMDAD’s continuous support HAVERKAMP will maintain its high portfolio of satisfied customers such as various Power and Desalination plant owners in Abu Dhabi Emirate. We consider the EMDAD- HAVERKAMP alliance a step towards strengthening our position as a leading company and a direct answer to heightened security needs in the Oil & Gas sector” says EMDAD’s CEO.