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Emdad energized by new logo

Emdad, one of the leading energy companies in Abu Dhabi, is reinventing itself. Its ongoing image makeover is the first step towards a larger, comprehensive new corporate identity program Emdad is embarking on, involving itself and all its group companies. The rebranding program is part of Emdad’s efforts to stay fresh and relevant as well as broaden its appeal in the challenging business environment.

The new Emdad logo boldly carries its 33-year-old trademark colors black and red, which complement the newly added fresh green. EMDAD wanted to bring in the color green to represent its sustainability initiatives and thought there would be no better way to do so than to color the carbon bond structure green. The company positions itself as a ‘gateway to opportunities’ which is communicated by leaving one side of the green heptagon open. The English letter ‘e’ graces the centre of the icon which obviously stands for ‘emdad’, ‘energy’, ‘emirates’, “entrepeneurship” and  constantly moving “electrons”.  The Heptagon is the C7H7 structure being a very complex chemical ion that is attracting new Bonds representing our permanent position for partnerships.  The Heptagon 7 summits represent the 7 Emirates of the UAE united by a permanent bond.

Alongside the change in visual identity, Emdad has planned radical changes in service, facilities and skill set to attract more clients, partners and principals. The company will be running a subtle, methodical campaign both within the organization and across interfaces to take employees, clients and partners through the renewed processes and promises.