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EMDAD trains students on environment

Energy companies around the world, especially those in the oil & gas sector, are considered a source of concern by environmental agencies. The issue has been discussed much and environmentally conscious energy companies are seeking measures to minimize their impact on the planet. EMDAD with its renewed vision to reduce carbon footprint introduces an innovative program to further the cause. The company is sponsoring a unique project called “Coding Green Gene” which targets high school students in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The aim of the project is to initiate the future generations into environmental causes creating awareness and develop them as socially responsible citizens. Central to the project is a training program spanning 3 – 4 months. About 50 student volunteers from high schools will be trained on ISO 14001model, focusing on its requirements and benefits behind being certified. Participants will also get an opportunity to conduct an audit on a certified company. “Coding Green Gene is just a beginning,” says an EMDAD spokesperson, “more such innovative projects aiming towards a better environment are part of our future mission which we hope all companies as well as individuals will emulate.” It is worthwhile to note that EMDAD’s deep commitment to environmental practices made it easier for the company to earn ISO14001 certification.