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EMDAD Wins ADCO Contract

EMDAD has won a contract with ADCO for five years to provide an Oil Based Mud (OBM) recovery processing plant. The OBM plant processes the waste mud produced from oil and gas well drilling operations and treats the “cuttings” as they are known to remove the diesel and waste using a heat and centrifuge process.

EMDAD has been awarded the contract with Tespec to operate and maintain the OBM treatment plant in Abu Dhabi for five years from Jan 2007 To Jan 2012, including a 6 month transition period. During this transition the new Brandt-Varco plant will be installed on the site. This new contract allows EMDAD and Tespec to establish a more prominent presence right in the oilfields and facilitate leverage for other works in the area using the OBM facilities and staff accommodation. The size of the OBM facility also allows for expansion of workshops and yards to accommodate other major projects such as shutdowns for Tespec and Intergulf.

The 30 plus staff that Tespec intend to take over from the outgoing contractor are all experienced in the operation of the facility. We will be conducting intensive training in the transition period to establish our own high HSE standards and comply with the client's stringent requirements for the overall operations.