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Enabling the energy and infrastructure industries in the region to access world class technology in protective and insulating coatings, PREZIOSO EMDAD marks yet another major stride in the country’s progress towards industrial growth and development. Partnering with the international major PREZIOSO TECHNILOR SAS, who boasts over half century of eminence and expertise in this field, PREZIOSO EMDAD aims to create value for customers by extending the lifespan of industrial investments, offering comprehensive service with products of superior quality to serve the precise needs of the region.

The company is backed by extensive experience around the globe and unrivaled expertise in the areas of protective coating, blasting for metal and concrete, industrial insulation and passive fire proofing. It also designs and implements solutions for projects with access problems by providing a variety of options, multidirectional or suspended scaffolding and rope access. PREZIOSO EMDAD services cover all sorts of industrial equipment, buildings and civil engineering infrastructures, offshore platforms, LNG, waste water treatment plants, refineries and their expertise extends from new investments to operational maintenance and shutdown works. On the other hand, PREZIOSO EMDAD looks forward to apply PREZIOSO’s expertise in nuclear applications, fulfilling future and projected needs in the UAE market.

PREZIOSO TECHNILOR SAS is a global leader in protective and insulating coatings credited with highly successful projects across the world including France, Portugal, Angola, Congo, Nigeria, Algeria, Qatar, Vietnam, and Mexico.

EMDAD’s extensive experience with the vital oil & gas sector in the region and PREZIOSO’s international leadership in the industry will most certainly make the new partnership an integral part of the region’s industrial scene.