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Train1 & SRU shutdown

TESPEC, a joint venuture of EMDAD LLC UAE and Transifeld Servies Australia has been awarded a Lump Sum Contact for the execution of the Train1 and SRU shutdown in January 2007. The 16 day shutdown comprises maintenance, inspection and testing of static equipment such as vessels, filters, drums, tanks, columns, heat exchangers (U tube/floating head type/fixed tube/plate type), air coolers, reactors, seal pots, furnaces (reacting/regenerator gas heaters), boilers (package/waste heat boilers), flare/sulphur stacks miscellaneous isolation valves, safety relief valves and control valves. The contract also includes prefabrication and installation or replacement of pipe works.

TESPEC is a UAE-based joint venture between Transfield Services, a Australia-based large international group with decades of experience in the oil & gas industry and EMDAD, a National company well-known in the oil & gas and utilities sectors in the UAE and diversifying fast into non-oil core sectors.

TESPEC has recruited an expert team of approximately 750 men drawn from across Transfield Services Group in the UAE and overseas and from hand-picked subcontractors including Cape East (UAE) to deliver this important contract safely, on schedule and within budget. TESPEC will be enabled in this with EMDAD’s long years of experience and expertise in the oil & gas and utilities sectors and its strong association with the leading oil companies in the region.